The Oceaneye universal system fits all Arri Alexa cameras ( incl Alexa-35 ), Sony Venice, Phantom flex and Red cameras incl. V-Raptor XL & Ranger with an almost infinite choice of lenses up to large zooms. Camera and lens settings, hd-sdi video, all power and camera operators communication is connected through one cable to surface

Used on big shoots like ”KON-TIKI”, ”The Last breath”, ”Dive” and ”Breaking surface”.
Tested in extreme environments.
Perfect tools for fiction and commercials.
The cable to Arri Lens controls, communication and power at surface can be up to 100m long.
The Oceaneye Mini housing is only 400mm long. Here with a Alexa Mini LF and a prime lens. A double monitor set up, one on top and a second inside the acrylic backpiece. Lens changes are done quickly from the front.
The Classic housing + extender, 700mm long. Inside an Alexa Mini with a huge Optimo 24-290mm zoom.
With weights removed the housing is a perfect tool for surface and crane shots.
The housing is made for action shots. Here the actor and camera waits for a water explosion inside a pipe, ”Pioneer 2012”.
The multi signal cables are 25, 38, 50 or 100 meters long and can be used in -10 to + 40 degrees temperature. The cables are very tough, weightless in water and has strain reliefs at both ends.
Weight system for precise buoyancy.
Underwater monitor with a ball joint arm can be mounted anywhere on the housing.
Weight system for neutral bouyancy is adjustable underwater.
The system ships in three light cases and is easily checked-in on a regular flight. The total transport weight is 78 kgs, the Mini system is 62 kgs.
The housings comes with dome and flat port. Accessories are packed in smaller pelican cases or camera wraps.
Each camera model has an adapter kit with a specific camera plate and neccessary cables.
In the accessories is a lens support, splitter box, LCS cable, Studio rod holder, 15 mm bushings e.t.c.
As a part of the system is the Arri 435 housing with HD video assist.