Underwater feature films

”The Tigers of Mompracem”
In production… Shot in water tanks in Alicante and various locations in Spain.
Director: Alberto Rodriguez 2024

”The Last breath”
Five divers are trapped inside a wreck with a shark. Shot in AED water tanks in Belgium and locations in Malta.
Director: Joachim Hedén 2023

”The Dive”
English version of Breaking surface. Shot in water tank in Germany and locations around Malta.
Director: Max Erlenwein 2022

”Breaking surface”
A diver gets stuck under a falling rock, her sister try to save her before the air is out. Shot in various water tanks and locations in Sweden, Norway and Greece.
Director: Joachim Hedén 2020

”Last breath”
Documentary on an incident in saturation diving. Shot in Scotland.
Directors: Alex Parkinson and Richard da Costa 2018

A journey through the oceans. Mega documentary shot in 52 locations around the world.
Directors: Jacques Perrin & Jacques Cluzaud 2008

Underwater scenes for features and tv-series

”Håkan Bråkan 2” Director: Ted Kjellsson Producer: Unlimited stories 2023
”I dina händer” Director: Anna Zackrisson, Producer: Asp Varhos 2023
”Not without hope” Director: Joe Carnahan, Producer: Dean Altit 2023
”Torpeden” Director: Frida Kempff, Producer: Momento film 2023
”Ett ärligt liv” Director: Mikael Marcimain, Producer: FLX 2023

”Ronja Rövardotter” Director: Lisa James Larsson Feature film, 2022

”Hilma” Director: Lasse Hallström Feature film, 2021

”No time to die” Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga Feature film, 2021

”Hamilton 2” Director: Erik Leijonborg TV series, 2021

”Black crab” Director: Adam Berg Feature film, 2021

”Tsunami” Director: Henrik Georgesson TV series, 2020

”En del av mitt hjärta” Director: Edward af Sillén Feature film, 2020

”Hamilton” Director: Erik LeijonborgFeature film, 2020

”Little figther” Director: Ernestas JankauskasFeature film, 2019

”Halvdan viking” Director: Gustaf Åkerblom Feature film, 2019

”Den inre cirkeln” Director: Håkan Lindhé TV series, 2018

”Vår tid är nu” Director: Harald Hamrell TV series, 2017

”Tårtgeneralen” Directors: Filip & Fredrik Feature film, 2017

”Maria Wern” Director: Erik Leijonborg Feature film, 2017

”Cirkus” Director: Helena Bergström Feature film, 2017

”Rebecka Martinsson” Director: Fredrik Edfeldt TV series, 2016

”Midnattssol” Director: B. Stein and M. Mårlind TV series, 2015

”Pojkarna” Director: Alexandra-Therese Keining Feature film, 2014

”100 code” Director: Robert Moresco TV series, 2014

”Julkalendern” Director: Anna Zakrisson TV series, 2014

”Tjockare än vatten” Director: Erik Leijonborg TV series, 2013

”Vatten” Director: Niclas Larsson Short fiction, 2013

”Fjällbackamorden” Director: Rickard Petrelius TV series, 2013

”Wallander” Director: Agneta Fagerström-Olsson TV series, 2012

”Bron” Director: Henrik Georgesson Feature film, 2012

”En fiende att dö för” Director: Peter Dalle Feature film, 2011

”Kon-tiki” Directors: J. Ronning and E. Sandberg Feature film, 2011

”Isdraken” Director: Martin Högdahl Feature film, 2011

”Maria Wern” Director: Eric Leijonborg TV series, 2011

”Kronjuvelerna” Director: Ella Lemhagen Feature film, 2010

”Vasa 1628” Director: Anders Wahlgren Feature film, 2009

”Svinalängorna” Director: Pernilla August Feature film, 2009

”Beck” Director: Harald Hamrell Feature film, 2008

”I skuggan av värmen” Director: Beata Gårdeler Feature film, 2008

”Allt flyter” Director: Måns Herngren Feature film, 2008

”Let the right one in” Director: Tomas Alfredsson Feature film, 2008

”Iskariot” Director: Miko Lazic Feature film, 2007

”Kid” Director: Nanna Houlmann Feature film, 2006

”Bror syster” Director: Susanna Edwards Feature film, 2006

”Varannan vecka” Directors: M. Herngren and H. Holm Feature film, 2005

”Tusenbröder” Director: Erik Leijonborg Feature film, 2005

”Kim Novak badade aldrig…” Director: Martin Asphaug Feature film, 2004

”Den bästa av mödrar” Director: Klaus Härö Feature film, 2004

”Steget efter” Director: Birger Larsen Feature film, 2004

”Håkan Bråkan” Director: Erik Leijonborg Feature film, 2004

”Bombay dreams” Director: Lena Koppel Feature film, 2003

”Strandvaskaren” Director: Mikael Håfström Feature film, 2003

”Frozen” Director: Juliet McKoen Feature film, 2003

”Sprängaren” Director: Colin Nutley Feature film, 2001

”Utanför din dörr” Directors: Martin Söder and E. Donell Feature film, 2001

”Klassfesten” Directors: M. Herngren and H. Holm Feature film, 2001

”Ensamhetens bästa vän” Director: Eric Åkerblom Feature film, 2001

”En sång för Martin” Director: Bille August Feature film, 2000

”Herr von Hanken” Director: Rumle Hammerich TV series, 2000

”Kvinna med födelsemärke” Director: Martin Asphaug TV series, 2000

”Soldater i månsken” Director: Tomas Alfredsson TV series, 2000

”Dykaren” Director: Erik GustavssonFeature film, 1999

”Det grovmaskiga nätet” Director: Martin AsphaugTV series, 1999

”Bekännelsen” Director: Daniel Lind LagerlöfTV series, 1999

”Sjön” Director: Hans-Åke GabrielssonFeature film, 1998

”Under ytan” Director: Daniel Fridell Feature film, 1997

”Nära kontakt” Director: Geir Hansten-Jörgensen Short fiction, 1996

”Harry & Sonja” Director: Björn RungeFeature film, 1996

”Skuggornas hus” Director: Mikael Håfström.TV series, 1995

”Vinterviken” Director: Harald HamrellFeature film, 1995

”Petri tårar” Director: Erich HörtnaglFeature film, 1994

”Älskar, älskar inte” Director: Mikael HylinFeature film, 1994

”Grynnan”Director: Rickard Gunther Short fiction, 1994

”Memento” Director: Antonia CarnerudShort fiction, 1994

”Nadja” Director: Susanna EdwardsShort fiction, 1994

”Vendetta” Director: Mikael HåfströmFeature film, 1994

”Skulden” Director: Harald HamrellShort fiction, 1986

Documentaries – above & underwater

”Home away dads” Director: Ari Cohen / Rotating Planet 2017
Pipe fish pregnancy shot in Bohuslän, Sweden

”Mars – the magnificent” Director: Martin Widman 2015
Feature length documentary on a legendary giant warship from 1563 sunk during battle in the Baltic sea.

”Vamizi – the cradle of corals” Director: Mattias Klum 2015
Feature length documentary on scientists work to save a coral reef.
Winner of ” Best cinematography at New York Wild.

”The contemplator” Director: Mattias Klum 2012
Feature length documentary about the archipelago of Stockholm.

”Han tror han är bäst” Director: Maria Kuhlberg 2011
Feature length documentary on an Italian immigrant family.
Winner of Swedish televisions prize Kristallen Winner of Prix Italia Special commendation Prix Europe.

”At night I fly” Director: Michel Wenzer 2011
Feature length documentary on life sentence prisoners committed to art
as a strategy of survival inside new Folsom prison, California.
Winner of National Swedish Guldbagge award for best documentary.

”The coral Eden” Director: Mattias Klum 2010
Documentary on the coral reefs of Papua New Guinea. Underwater scenes.

”Ghost ship – the resurrection” Director: Malcolm Dixelius for National Geographic 2010
Deep sea documentary on a 17-th century ship wreck on the deep bottom of the Baltic Sea.
Shot entirely with ROV robots.

”Vasa 1628” Director: Anders Wahlgren 2009
Feature length drama-documentary.

”Alla torskar” Director: Folke Rydén 2009
Documentary on the exploitations of the cod in the Baltic Sea

”Arken” Director: Mita Moberg 2003
Documentary shot in the Swedish arctics.

”Second wall of silence” Director: Stig Holmqvist 2002
Documentary series on hiv / aids. Four films shot in Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia.

”Children of the storm” Director: Stig Holmqvist 2000
Documentary series on following up on six individuals 20 years later.
Six films shot in Papua New Guinea, Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Mexico.

”Soulmates of the sea” Director: Keiko Mori 1999
Documentary on orcas shot in Lofoten, Norway.

”Frightening waters” Director: Stig Holmqvist 1998
Documentary on the kingdom of the Lozi people, shot in Zambia.

”The lovers of San Fernando” Director: Peter Torbiörnsson 1997

Feature length documentary on a marriage that struggles through war and poverty, shot in Nicaragua.

”Calling killer whales” Director: Benedicte Orvung 1997
Documentary on orcas shot in Lofotoen Norway.

”Mankind in holiday land” Director: Marie Meyer 1996
Documentary series shot across Europe

”Tjugo vintrar, tjugo somrar” Director: Henrik Georgesson 1995
Short documentary on the life of a retired shipyard worker shot in Landskrona, Sweden.

Commercials – underwater

BMW – test drive Director: Staffan Kihlbom Thor Producer: Bavaria 2022

Apple Watch Director: Jacob Sutton Producer: Proof 2022

Biotherm Director: Filip Nilsson Producer: Pine 2022

Apple Watch Director: Ian Pons Jewell Producer: Jonathan Adams 2020

Burberry Hero DoP: Darius Khondji Producer: Academy films 2019

Svenska spel Director: Bill Schumacher Producer: FLX 2019

Leo Vegas Director: Johan Elsner Producer: Elsner & Co 2019

Zalando Director: Freshteh, Producer: B-reel 2019

Octopus Director: Cédric Dubourg Producer: Soixante-quinze 2018

Reset Director: Sheila Johansson Producer: Newland 2018

Salmar Director: Kavar Singh Producer: Motion Blur 2018

Nordea Director: Mikael Marcimain Producer: B-reel 2018

Betsson – Sarah Sjöström Director: Paul Jerndal, Producer: OTW 2017

Ciel – Dasani Directors: CRIC, Producer: Excuse my french 2016

Comhem – Big blue Director: Gustav Johansso, Producer: New Land film 2016

If – offline o´clock Director: Anders Jedenfor, Producer: Acne Film 2015

Lidl – sporty feel Director: Runar Ingi, Producer: Otto Tuotanto 2015

Peroni – Capri Director: Kalle Gustafsso, Producer: Sarah Laird film 2015

Libero – a cleaner ocean Director: Sebastian Reed, Producer: Camp David 2015

Trygg Hansa – don´t drink and dive Director: Laerke Herthon, Producer: Folkefilm 2015

Kuoni – find your amazing Director: Marcus Söderlun, Producer: Academy Film 2014

Försvarsmakten – like any other day Director: Oskar Wrangö, Producer: DDB 2014

Folksam – dogs Director: Markus Johnso, Producer: Film de Liberté 2013

Comhem / Tivo Director: Owen Harris, Producer: Flodell Film 2013

Axa Director: Emil Möller, Producer: B-reel 2011

Becel – live well Director: Johan Perjus, Producer: B-reel 2011

Comhem Director: Niklas Jakobsso, Producer: The Producers 2011

TV3 – kanalgrafik Director: Johan Gustafsso, Producer: Dallas 2011

Biggest loser – trailer Director: Carl Sundem, Producer: E. Pallazzo Film 2011

Pusta ut Director: Niklas Lehma, Producer: Red Film 2011

Art projects – underwater

”LIV” Director: Nicole Edensbo 2023
”In the corner” Director: Markus Johnson Castro 2023

Royal Swedish Opera Art director: Pompe Hedengren 2017

Un autre passion Artist / director: Pontus Lidberg 2016

Pim Stones – we have it all Director: Oskar Wrangö 2014

Fast eller flytande Director: Ewa Cederstam 2004

Couple dock Director: Lars Siltberg 2003

Nu Director: Nadja Ekman 1998