As the only system in the world, Oceaneye has developed a 100 m cable ( weightless in water ) with full control of camera and lens settings, camera operators communication and HD-SDI.
As the only housing in the world, Oceaneye is hardwires a fullface mask directly to the housing for a clear and reliable communication to the crew at surface or remote.

Two new designed 35 mm housings for ARRI 435 with HD video-assist. Camera and lens settings done at surface. Primes and short zooms. Weight system for precise balance. Reloading the 400 ft mag is very fast!
New to the Oceaneye system is the Mini Plus housing. Its specially made for Alexa Mini LF and with an extender ( as in the picture ) its can also be used with bigger cameras such as Alexa SXT and Phantom Flex.
Underwater tube for Astera Titan battery powered LEDs. Used with or without power and DMX cable to surface. Fits into Kinoflo banks. Weigthless in water.